Stormwater runoff from land and impervious areas such as roads, parking lots, and building rooftops during rainfall and snow events often contain pollutants that could adversely affect water quality. State, local and possibly Federal permits are required depending on the size and amounts of impervious surfaces.

As described by the Vermont DEC, “The management of stormwater runoff is at once a simple concept and a complex problem. Precipitation runs off impervious surfaces rather than infiltrating into the soil. The cumulative impact resulting from the increased frequency, volume, and flow rate of stormwater runoff can lead to destabilization of downstream channels and can also result in increased pollutant loading to waterways. The Stormwater Management Program provides regulatory oversight and technical assistance to ensure proper design and construction of stormwater treatment and control practices as well as construction-related erosion prevention and sediment control practices, necessary to minimize the adverse impacts of stormwater runoff to surface waters.”

Bannon Engineering has experience and expertise in stormwater management and permitting.  There are several types of permits that a project may need:

Stormwater Construction permits cover stormwater management from construction sites.  These permits are based on the size of disturbed area, type of soils, slopes, surrounding terrain and connections to nearby surface waters.  The level of effort to comply depends on the risk factors associated with the site, e.g., steep slopes close to a stream maybe a higher risk than a flat site far away from surface waters.  Bannon Engineering is Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) and can evaluate the risk of your site, prepare the permit application, prepare a site specific erosion and sediment control plan, and perform inspections.

Operational Stormwater permits cover stormwater management from the developed project after construction.  Bannon Engineering has expertise in designing, modeling, evaluating and modeling stormwater management systems.  We utilize HydroCad modeling software to design and evaluate projects.

Bannon Engineering can also can fabricate stormwater flow measuring and sampling devices to collect data needed to permit a project and maintain compliance in a sensible and easily managed fashion.