A manufacturer called Bannon Engineering in to solve a problem.  How do we provide good ventilation for a painting and graphic design operation while keeping heating bills low? To meet this challenge, Bannon Engineering designed local process ventilation pick-ups for individual work stations.  These units are turned on only when needed and have a balanced air flow.  Our design meets OSHA and fire safety codes. We then prepared applications for State air permits, construction drawings, preliminary budget for senior management approval.

We designed and located the exhaust stacks making sure that they were away from any air intake units on the roof.  Over the years we’ve found placement of exhaust stacks near supposedly fresh air intakes to be a common oversight by HVAC installers.

Once approved by senior management, we obtained permits from regulators.  Permits in hand, we put the project out to bid to local HVAC installers, assisted the owner to evaluate the proposals, held a pre-construction meeting, followed-up with construction progress inspections.  Concept to complete construction, Bannon Engineering can assist you to ensure a project gets built right.

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