VickeryHill, a client in Warren, Vermont, wanted to rebuild and convert their barn into an accessory dwelling apartment and small business office space. The local zoning regulations allowed for a ‘cottage industry’ designation that would allow for up to 6 non-family member employees onsite.

The project site was in a rural location outside of the municipal sewer system service area.  This triggered a Vermont Wastewater permit evaluation so they hired Bannon Engineering to inspect, consult, design and permit a new septic system that would service the house and the barn with new apartment & office.

Bannon Engineering designed a cost effective innovative gravity fed Presby Enviroseptic system to provide treatment to safe guard down slope water sources.  The owner also desired to construct a new foundation under the structure for energy efficiency and also to provide garage space.

The project:

  • Enhanced the property value
  • Provided rental income and when not rented, over flow guest space
  • Separate office space for their growing small business with separation from the residential activities
  • Provide a convenient work solution
  • Gave us a very satisfied client!

Not all projects require permits but most do.  Call us at 1.800.349.6139 and Bannon Engineering can walk you through the process.